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Denne siden er for tiden under utvikling, Vennligst kom tilbake senere!


  • Welcome to Broken Roleplay V20.07.2014 - 02:30
  • Welcome citizens! Forums are up and running so register now! The G.A.M will be coming later and is being worked on as we speak. If you are wondering what the G.A.M is, It's the Game Account Manager. The G.A.M will be where you can check your account status, your characters and alot more.
    You will also be able to purchase premium packages, However this will only come after launch.

    In the meantime, please browse our website for more information!
  • The First Announcement20.07.2014 - 01:47
  • So finally got the website up! Wohooo...
Scheduled Server Maintenance
  • What to expect when playing during alpha or beta phases.
  • As you might already know and should know... During testing, the server will occasionally go up and down. Also you should be aware that your characters might get wiped/reset as we do our tests. This should always be expected when playing during alpha or beta testing phases.

    Later this window will indicate when servers will be unavailable and patched.
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  • The G.A.M is coming along nicely. Shouldn't be too long until people can start creating and setting up their in-game accounts!
  • website is sorta up and running, still WIP so be kind!
  • Getting closer on the website, Soon to be opened :)
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Game guide is still WIP, Help me out with suggestions on the forums!